Where’s Reese Witherspoon When you Need Her?

There are a lot of feelings swirling around inside me as a result of the election this morning. We’ve got your disappointment and embarrassment that for the first time in Canadian history a government had been found in contempt of Parliament, and that government was just re-elected with a new majority that they didn’t hold previously.  More disappointment that it seems like the tactics of certain members aligned with the Conservative government, like attempting to interfere with ballots and telling people their polling stations had moved, along with campaigning on election day, seemed to have worked out for them.  Disgust at liberal folks complaining and comparing this new elected government to Nazism, or flinging epithets at the ethnic minorities who voted Conservative for ruining the country.  Glad that the NDP, the party I first voted for after turning 18, has finally broken into the Canadian political scene in such an incredible way.  Happy for Elizabeth May gaining her seat, and bringing her incredible work ethic and beliefs to the table.

There’s more: fear concerning women’s rights and reproductive rights, aboriginal rights, LGBTQ rights, health care and education support.  Anger at Harper personally for continuing to push and push and push until things shook out exactly the way he wanted it.  Disappointed with people complaining that this isn’t democracy – until there’s proof of voter fraud, this is democracy with its lumps and scars.  If the electoral system needs reworking (and I believe it does) that still does not make this election illegal, particularly when the opposition (rightfully) pushed for it.

I won’t give up. I won’t surrender. If the Canadian government plans to revisit its abortion laws, we will fight.  If Canadians have to vote on gay marriage again, we will campaign tirelessly. This isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning.


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