A Reading from the Letter of Paul, to the Defias

“Grace and Peace to you, Edwin van Cleef. Paul greets you in his own hand. I am thankful for you and your skillful work in rebuilding the city of Stormwind as a testament to the Light.
“I urge you to make amends for the grievous faults of your members, in smiting Tiffin Wrynn in the face with a rock. Do not put on the red bandanna of vengeance. Instead, don a mantle of peace. Wrap your brow in the Light’s pure strength. Was it not Bridenbad who taught us that the Light is stronger than death; the Naaru more powerful than the sting of the plague? Let King Wrynn send you alms, and let you put them forth to the poor of Westfall as amends for your crimes.
“Pray for me, and my amanuensis Anduin. Greet all the Defias with a kiss. I shall be with you shortly, after Winter’s Veil. Go with the Light.”


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