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It’s no secret that I’m very interested in ensuring this blog remains an inclusive space for people, including myself, who may not fit into cultural norms or privileged spaces.  Swearing is fine; snark, debates and discussions (even angry ones) and call outs are fine.  Derogatory slurs, hateful language, harassment and abuse however will not be tolerated.  Comments of this nature will be deleted.

But what about my First Amendment rights?

I’m not the US government.  In fact, I’m not even in the United States.  I have no interest in preventing people from the right to peaceably assemble.  If you don’t like the rules, that’s too bad but my main concern is keep this space a comfortable one for myself and my readers.

I’m worried about commenting and saying the wrong thing.

If this is a one-time or first-time offense, I’m not going to nuke all your comments from orbit because it’s the only way to be sure. But myself or another commenter might, in a manner that’s not so gentle, explain why that particular comment was offensive.

If you’re still unsure, check out these blogs for some more info:
Derailing for Dummies

“Check my What?” (Privilege 101)

Finally, Feminism 101


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